Monday, March 30, 2009

Crazy love

I'm a pretty passionate person. I could probably count on one hand the things I'm indifferent about. I'm on or off, hot or cold, hate it or love it. No in-between. All or nothing. You get the picture. Being passionate is a great asset. It's also a great liability outside of God's grace.

Don't you just love Jacob's nerve and passion when he wrestles with God in the Old Testament? Whenever I read that, in my mind I say, "Ooooooh, you're gonna get it now!" "Oh, I know you did NOT just tell God you weren't gonna let go until He blessed you!"

Don't you know - God blessed that crazy man! Who do you think made Jacob crazy in the first place??? God! Whenever I read about Jacob, I get so angry with him. I just want to beat him for all his conniving foolishness. But you know what ? He's not mine. I don't love him like God does.

I think when Jacob wrestled with God, God said, "Would you look at this spunky little son-of-a-gun I made? You gotta love his spirit! What a scrapper!"

Now God still put Jacob in his place. Jacob walked away from that wrestling match with a permanent limp. God, in His infinite love, left Jacob a little reminder that God's still in charge. "Yes, Jacob, I made you just the way you are, and I'm going to use your nerve to teach you about Me. You're going to do things My way and for My glory, son."

Think about your limp today. God gave it to you to keep you close to Him. And oh my word, He's crazy about your craziness. All you guys out there who lose your temper when injustice is broadcast on the news? God loves that about you. All you sweet mercy givers who would rather run your car into a tree than hit a dog in the road? How God loves your tenderness. All you administrators that make everybody down here crazy with your dotted i's and crossed t's? God just relishes your attention to detail. And the list goes on.

We all look like our Father. How he laughs at and takes delight in all our quirkiness. Who else but stuttering Moses could lead the Israelites out of Egypt? Who else but David, the sensitive poet, could write those beautiful Psalms to the Lord? And oh, James and John, those boisterous Sons of Thunder? Who else but those two could do what they did in the founding of God's Church? All those guys looked ridiculous when they tried to run their own craziness, but in God's hands...oh, what beauty!

I'm weeping as I type this. This was supposed to be a post about parenting - ours, not God's. God cracks me up. He turned this whole thing around as I typed. The Spirit in me feels God's joy and delight this morning. I hope you feel it, too.

Oh my beautiful Father, thank you for filling me up with Your love this morning. Thanks for giving me Your Father eyes for just a few minutes. I'm grinning from ear to ear. I see how you love us now. I see Your method in our madness. Help us to never be afraid to be fools for You. I seek Your pleasure in me, Lord. I want to make You laugh. Use all my craziness for Your glory. Thanks for loving this beautiful mess. Amen.

Psalm 139
Zephaniah 3:17
Ephesians 2:10